Linguaphone Learn a Language: Portuguese Online Course
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Course Description

A Learn a Language course from Linguaphone supports you on your first steps to speaking a new language. From greetings and everyday vocabulary, to pronunciation and grammar, a Learn a Language course will help you speak your chosen language confidently. Going on holiday or a business trip? All our courses will enable you to engage you in a conversation and help you learn over 500 new words.

Each online language course includes over 30 structured audio lessons and a PDF companion course book to support your learning. The courses are packed with fun exercises and tests which follow Linguaphone’s popular listen, understand, and speak methodology.

>> Over 30 audio lessons - downloadable in MP3 format
>> Full ebook guide - works with iPads, Smartphones and Kindle devices
>> Study online - access anywhere in the world

Course Contents

» Introduction
» Unit 1 - Hello!
» Unit 2 - Please!
» Unit 3 - Do you live in... ?
» Unit 4 - The family
» Unit 5 - Straight on!
» Unit 6 - At home
» Unit 7 - My region
» Unit 8 - It's superb!