Linguaphone Travel Companion: French Online Course
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Course Description

Need to get to grips with a new language? A Linguaphone Travel Companion is suitable for all ages and will teach you the basics of a new language before you travel or while you're away. Use it online or download it to your preferred device, it includes a fully searchable eBook (PDF) and ten audio lessons (MP3) covering all of the essentials.

>> 10 audio lessons - downloadable in MP3 format
>> Full PDF ebook companion - works with iPad, Smartphones and Kindle devices
>> Study online - access anywhere in the world

Course Contents

» Introduction
» Lesson 1: The Basics
» Lesson 2: Eating & Drinking
» Lesson 3: Travel by Train & Plane
» Lesson 4: Travel by Road
» Lesson 5: In Town
» Lesson 6: Shopping
» Lesson 7: Accommodation
» Lesson 8: Communications & Money
» Lesson 9: Leisure Pursuits & Medical Problems
» Lesson 10: Conclusion