Workplace Environment (Videos)
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Course Description

The workplace continues to change and evolve into a complex and often ambiguous environment. Issues such as harassment, discrimination and violence have become significant problems within this landscape. Our workplace environment programs explore the causes and consequences of these issues and specific preventive actions you can take to handle potential problem situations.

This course is 3 hours long.

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Windows XP SP2, 2000 or higher
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Subscription: 1 year.

Course Contents

Workplace Environment (Videos): Computer Comfort Workplace Environment (Videos): Diversity Effectiveness - An Overview Workplace Environment (Videos): E-Mail and Internet Privacy at Work Workplace Environment (Videos): Ethical Decision Making Workplace Environment (Videos): Ethics in the Workplace - Choose Wisely! Workplace Environment (Videos): Moving Toward Diversity Effectiveness Workplace Environment (Videos): Preventing Sexual Harassment Workplace Environment (Videos): Preventing Sexual Harassment (Presentation Style) Workplace Environment (Videos): Preventing Violence in the Workplace Workplace Environment (Videos): Preventing Violence in the Workplace (Presentation Style) Workplace Environment (Videos): Working Wounded: Overcoming Your Own Bias Workplace Environment (Videos): Workplace Violence: Ingredients for Disaster