HTML5 Video How-To
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Course Description

This book takes the How-to series approach to help you learn most important tasks through recipes,This book is great for developers new to the HTML5 Video standard, and who are looking to get a good grounding in how to use the new format. It's assumed that you will have some experience in HTML and jQuery already, as well as being familiar with embedding videos using current "old school" methods, such as Windows Media Player. Readers are expected to have one or more videos available, which will be used during the exercises within this book.

Course Contents

Transcoding a video into HTML5 format (must know)
Installing playback support (must know)
Publishing videos (should know)
Embedding videos—the old school way (must know)
Embedding a video using HTML5 (become an expert)
Extending the video code (should know)
Adding mime types (must know)
Adding cross-browser support (should know)
Adding codec definitions (must know)
Providing fallback support (should know)
Adapting for iPads/iPhones/Android (should know)
Setting up VideoJS—an example player (become an expert)
Setting up Kaltura video—an example player (become an expert)
Building the video player—the framework (must know)
Adding controls to your player (must know)
Styling your video player (should know)
Adding the jQuery functionality (must know)
Adding an overlay button (should know)
Inserting subtitles (should know)
Providing fall-back support using a polyfill (should know)
Displaying video through an Overlay (should know)