Microsoft Excel 2003 Online Video Course
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Course Description

Following this course, you will be prepared to pass the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Certification Exam. Excel 2003 certification is intended for students and information workers whose responsibilities include the use of Excel to analyze, manage, and share data. Each lesson will cover objectives required for the examination and for increasing your professional productivity with Microsoft Excel 2003; including,

CREATING - Enter and edit cell content - Navigate to specific cell content - Insert supporting information - Insert, position, and size graphics - Create diagrams and charts - Create, edit, and run macros

ANALYZING - Use subtotals - Insert and modify formulas - Use Database functions - Use statistical and logical functions - Filter and sort lists

FORMATTING - Apply cell formats and styles - Modify row and column formats - Format worksheets and workbooks - Use conditional formatting

COLLABORATING - Insert, view and edit comments - Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks - Apply workbook security settings - Share and merge workbooks - Track changes to workbooks

MANAGING - Organize worksheets and workbooks - Print and publish to the web - Define and modify workbook properties - Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports - Import and export data

Course Length: 6 hours

System Requirements:
A multimedia PC with a 512 Kb/sec or faster Internet connection running Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer with Adobe Flash Player. Please note: You can improve performance by re-sizing and lowering the picture quality of the video.

Subscription: 1 year.

Course Contents