Microsoft Access 2010 Online Video Course
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Course Description

This Access 2010 course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to use the advanced software features, and integrate the Office programs with other software. When you pass the Access 2010 Exam 77-885, you achieve Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MOS) status in Access 2010.

The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification, (MOS) recognizes business professionals who have demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Office 2010. This course follows the approved Microsoft course curriculum, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.

Course Length:
21 hours

About the author:

Ray Wagner, CISA, MOS, PMP

Ray began his IT education at James Madison University, where he excelled in the business school's Computer Information Systems program. Upon graduation, he began his career as a financial systems auditor where he was required to utilize and optimize the Microsoft Office applications. Once he mastered the applications, Ray began teaching co-workers how to effectively use their applications to increase their productivity. Life as an auditor also exposed Ray to project management fundamentals, and Ray was soon managing small auditing projects as a Senior Consultant. After a few years, Ray shifted gears and became a consultant for a project management contractor on a multi-million dollar government program where he was responsible for tracking program costs and schedules. Ray has since started a training company that allows him to manage a business as well as deliver application and project management training to a variety of clients.

System Requirements:
A multimedia PC with a 512 Kb/sec or faster Internet connection running Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer with Adobe Flash Player. Please note: You can improve performance by re-sizing and lowering the picture quality of the video.

1 year.

Course Contents

Module 1

  • Access Basics
  • What Does Access Do?
  • Access Application Window
  • Database Objects
  • Basic Database and Table Management
  • Customizing Access
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Review

Module 2

  • Designing a Database
  • Database Design Process
  • Normalizing Data
  • Setting Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Review

Module 3

  • Building a Database
  • Creating A New Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Inserting Field's in Tables
  • Setting Up Field Properties
  • Formatting the Datasheet View
  • Creating Relationships
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Review

Module 4

  • Managing Table Data
  • Updating and Deleting Records
  • Finding and Replacing Values
  • Adding a Total Row
  • Using Sub-datasheets
  • Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Review

Module 5

  • Creating Selection Queries
  • Creating Queries Using the Query Wizard
  • Creating Queries Using the Query Design View
  • Adding Criteria
  • Add Calculated Fields to Query
  • Review

Module 6

  • Creating and Managing Forms
  • Form Basics and Creating Forms
  • Contextual Tabs Design and Layout View
  • Managing Table Data with Forms
  • Modifying the Look and Design
  • Design Tab Controls
  • Review

Module 7

  • Creating and Managing Reports
  • Creating Reports, Report Views, and Managing Report Modules
  • Adding Calculated Fields and Formatting The Report Controls
  • Review

Module 8

  • Controlling Data Entry
  • Setting Field Properties
  • Validation Rules
  • Input Mask
  • Create Lookup Field
  • Review

Module 9

  • Finding and Joining Data
  • Inner and Outer Joins
  • Joining Unrelated Tables and Relating Data Within Tables
  • Review

Module 10

  • Creating Flexible Queries
  • Select Query Properties
  • Parameter Queries
  • Using Wild Cards
  • Creating Action Queries
  • Review

Module 11

  • Enhancing Forms
  • Using the Form Layout View and Improving Form Appearance
  • Restricting Data Entry
  • Command Buttons and Creating Subforms
  • Review

Module 12

  • Customizing Reports
  • Organizing Report Information and Setting Report Control Properties
  • Page Layout and Controlling Pagination
  • Summarize Info and Sub-reports
  • Mailing Labels
  • Review

Module 13

  • Sharing Access Data
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Sharing Data and Merging Data with Word
  • Review

Module 14

  • Structuring Existing Data
  • Analyzing Tables and Junction Tables
  • Improving Table Structure
  • Review

Module 15

  • Writing Table Queries
  • Multi Table Query
  • Creating Unmatched Queries
  • Create Duplicate Queries
  • Create Duplicate Queries and Grouping and Summarizing
  • Crosstab Query
  • Creating Pivot tables and Pivot Charts
  • Review

Module 16

  • Using Macros
  • Planning and Creating Macros
  • Attach Macros to Command Buttons
  • Restrict Records Displayed Using Where Condition
  • Require Data Entry with Macros
  • Automate Data Entry
  • Review

Module 17

  • Making Forms More Effective
  • Form Format Properties
  • Active X Controls and Tabbed Pages
  • Display Pivot Chart Table on Forms
  • Review

Module 18

  • Improving Reports
  • Include Chart In Report and Concatenating
  • Arranging Data In Columns, Grouping, and Parameter Reports
  • Report Events and Cancelling a Blank Report from Printing
  • Review

Module 19

  • Creating a Startup Interface
  • Creating and Modifying a DB Switchboard
  • Setting and Modifying Startup Options
  • Review

Module 20

  • DataBase Maintenance
  • Database Maintenance Tools
  • Review

Module 21

  • Distributing and Securing a Database
  • Splitting a Database
  • Implementing Security and Trust center
  • Setting Passwords
  • Converting Files and Signing with Digital Signatures
  • Review
  • Course Review