Communicating between learners and tutors in the Assessment Player

The process of communication between the learner and the tutor in the Assessment Player is an ongoing process – the learner submits the work; the tutor marks it. This process can be undertaken a number of times until the learner has completed the work to the tutor’s satisfaction.

There are two types of resources available in the Assessment player – Apply your skills tasks, and Practice tasks.

  • The Apply your skills tasks are designed to help learners develop their functional skills in a specific curriculum area.
  • The Practice your skills tasks help your learners prepare for the final assessment. These relate closely to the papers provided by awarding organizations and provide an opportunity for learners to practice before trying the official practice papers.

As shown above box will open to enable a tutor to leave feedback. This will be specific, helping the learner understand what they need to do to improve their output.

The feedback they give will appear on the appropriate page next time the learner logs in.

Additional work needed

The learner is made aware that they need to do some more work by the addition of a warning triangle next to the piece of work that they have submitted (as shown above).

This process will be repeated until the whole task is completed to the tutor’s satisfaction.

The feedback will support the learner in making corrections and further attempts at the work.

Example of a problem solving page below