People Need Skills was formed out of a need for an alternative style of learning. One of care, of encouragement, and empowering people to grow and learn.

We work directly in peoples communities, whether that be in a school, a community centre or a workplace. We work with them to help source cost effective online training courses as we are proven to be ONE OF THE MOST INEXPENSIVE ONLINE COURSE PROVIDERS IN THE UK.

We have something for everyone from IT, language, Management, SAGE to stress and Time management.…….We have over 300 online courses, 1500 E-books and for the more traditional person there are 18,000 books to browse through!

Even better, with every qualifying purchase, they have an opportunity to donate to a charity of their choice (See our charities page). This gives them a great opportunity to work effectively with local charities and community projects.
Our team work with them to find the best course to enable them to move forward with their goals.

Come and see for yourselves........

We help you to Help Yourself


Learning is key to so many parts of life, whether it be helping to get a job, promotion, or helping with your children's homework. Our learning is flexible, innovative, and designed for today’s busy lifestyles.

I believe that learning should be cost effective and flexible. We deliver online courses, developed by leading organisations such as Microsoft Office Specialist, ECDL and Mindleaders.

If you have internet connection, you are able to learn. Anywhere in the world, 24/7 learning at your fingertips.