Experiential learning

Increasing understanding, skills, knowledge, and attitudes through hands-on activities

Not everyone wants to learn in a classroom

A sit down tutored environment is not for everybody. Some prefer to learn by doing.

As a leader, it is critical to discuss not just the behaviours of your team with them, but the underlying reasons behind these behaviours.

Our experiential learning sets the stage for learning, whilst careful discussions, evaluation, and reflection of the experience after each activity develops the learning.

Experiential is a fun, but insightful, interactive style of learning that coaches through observation and interactions that elicit thought-provoking discussion, reflection, and helps individuals and teams come together.

Training with our unique kit developed at Cambridge and used around the world by leading organisations.

Our MTa experiential training tools will help us work with you and get the best out of your staff.

Green day - 1 day (onsite for up to 20 learners) from £950

A Green day focuses on communication, team-building activities, self-awareness, and respecting others. It is centred on activities that focus on the basics of team-based working.

Our accredited trainer introduces and develops the skills, abilities, and attitudes that are associated with effective team working. There are activities that will test, challenge, and stimulate participants of all levels, from entry-level apprentices to the most senior of leaders. The activities range from ice-breakers to 30-minute hands-on activity sessions within groups.

Green day key learning outcomes:

  • Expressing ideas
  • Building on ideas
  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Respecting others
  • Reviewing progress

Purple day - 1 day (onsite for up to 12 learners) £950

A Purple day focuses on the skills involved in the coaching and training of others. It is centred on activities that enable participants to understand and develop the attitudes, skills, and behaviours required for the day-to-day coaching of others.

The workshop is ideal for:

  • Line managers who need to develop staff or improve others’ performances
  • Trainers and teachers who want to develop a more facilitative approach

The workshop can be run as a one-day workshop or two half-day sessions separated by time on the job applying and developing coaching skills. The activities range from ice-breakers to 30-minute hands-on activity sessions within groups.

Yellow key learning outcomes:

  • What is coaching?
  • The coaching approach
  • Steps to success to be a great coach
  • Trust!
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Tell us your challenges and we will design an experiential experience to remember!

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