L.E.A.D. Management Academy

DAYS 1-5 £975 per day for a group of up to 12 people
DAY 6 free of charge!

We can all name people that inspire us — a visionary boss, a teacher or a personal mentor that simply seemed born to lead.

They didn’t gain those skills without hard work. High-performing leadership isn’t built overnight, it takes time, focus, and expertise. If things turned against your business, or vision became low, would you be left speculating if your leaders are up to the task ahead?

L.E.A.D, our bespoke 5 step programme is based on collective growth. We don’t train individuals we train your leaders together so your leadership team evolve, grow, and transform together. 

Our academy instils the critical behaviours of a leader – and at the top of this list is a willingness to learn new ideas. Leaders need to be open to grow both themselves, and their teams, and employ a growth mindset.

  • Each day will empower your leaders to grow and challenge how they work with others
  • Each activity has been chosen to allow them to reflect on how they interact with others and evoke discussion
  • Each subject matter will demonstrate how managing and leading effectively will draw out the best from others as they restyle their decision making

We use a blended learning approach of face to face, virtual, tutored and online learning lessons to build a truly distinctive learning programme to maximise your leaders.

This means they will learn together and LEAD together with a shared goal. 

This can be trained at your premises to minimise disruption.

Our learning tools at the heart of LEAD

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Day 1 – Discovering your communication style

Learning outcomes include:

  • Unearthing what type of a leader you are through a personalised colour profile
  • Exploring and adapting your communication style to meet the needs of others
  • Discovering what’s important to you as a leader and a person and how that aligns with your organisation
  • How productive are you? Unlocking areas to transform your performance
  • Recognising your strengths and what you bring to the team
  • Researching how to positively focus on relationships with key stakeholders
  • Creating a self-development plan


  • Personality profile results
  • The role of a great leader
  • The bigger picture in your organisation
  • Accepting criticism
  • Aligning to your company values
  • Creating a positive culture
  • What guides decision making
  • Dealing with blind spots
  • Egos

Day 2 – The role of a leader

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding what the characteristics, leadership styles, skills, habits, and behaviours are of great leaders
  • Establishing ways to create positive leadership
  • Communicating change
  • Instigating the use of S.M.A.R.T goals and 1-2-1- into your teams
  • Exploring the ‘Will and Skill’ model – when to coach, when to train, when to…
  • Understanding how teams come together
  • Having credibility
  • Have a good understanding of ‘Applied leadership’ styles
  • Learning the tools for effective delegation
  • Using persuasive skills to great effect within your team
  • Updating your self-development plan


  • The role of a leader
  • How teams come together
  • Skills needed for your leadership
  • How effective are you?
  • Perception, influence, and persuasion
  • Assertiveness
  • Leadership behaviours and how they impact the team
  • Habits and characteristics of great leaders
  • Credibility
  • S.M.A.R.T objectives
  • Leadership styles/skills
  • Time management – do you use your time productively?
  • Delegation

Day 3 – Communicating for success

Learning outcomes include:

  • Exploring active listening and communication barriers
  • Understanding the importance of effective communication
  • Understanding corporate etiquette, positive behaviours during business meetings, and appropriate email etiquette
  • Learning how to give constructive feedback
  • Motivating your staff to want to win for you
  • Embracing bad news – powerful vs powerless
  • Body language
  • Discovering different learning styles within your teams
  • Building and implementing an effective coaching plan for your team
  • Updating your self-development plan


  • What is effective communication?
  • Communication barriers
  • Active listening
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Team meetings
  • Motivating your staff to want to win for you
  • Great teams embrace bad news
  • Powerful vs powerless
  • Body language
  • Active coaching
  • Preparing and implementing a coaching plan
  • Email etiquette

Day 4 – Conflict and people management

Learning outcomes include:

  • Discovering and practising tools to deal with conflict
  • Working effectively with your internal stakeholders
  • Handling difficult conversations in a credible but deliberate way
  • Embracing underachievers with a performance management plan process
  • Updating your self-development plan


  • Dealing with conflict
  • Formal meeting room set ups
  • Formal meeting follow up
  • Working more effectively with other stakeholders
  • Handling difficult conversations with smart body language
  • Goal setting – SMART objectives to manage performance
  • Managing performance: Star performers, poor performers, and plodders
  • HR Bootcamp – sickness, diversity, and disciplinary – legal guidelines

Day 5– Creating change - building your teams to succeed

Learning outcomes include:

  • Setting up your teams to embrace change
  • Exploring stakeholder and team trust
  • Instigating collaborative working in your teams
  • Understanding the forming, storming, norming, performing process
  • Putting your goals into a timeline
  • Inspiring your team to succeed
  • Getting the best from your team
  • Genuine recognition
  • Putting together organisational needs analysis for your team
  • Updating your self-development plan


  • Embracing change
  • Forming, storming, norming, performing
  • Goal setting
  • Building trust
  • Collaborative team working
  • Inspiring your team to succeed
  • Getting the best from your team
  • Genuine recognition
  • Identifying training needs in your team

Day 6 FREE bonus session - Let's review

How many of us attend a course then go away with good intentions and a to-do list and then, as time passes, memories fade and we do nothing

A review session sets up an accountability mechanism and a great motivation to act on what you’ve learnt

Sharing a commitment to take action is powerful! Delivering it is what creates change. We ensure your staff commit to change by delivering their thoughts and visions to you.

What is a review session?

Our complimentary review sessions are opportunities for our groups to come together, reengage with our LEAD academy and show what they have achieved or put into place since their journey began.

Whether that be restructuring a team to great success, discovering hidden talents with team members that were not known previously, or seen their skills transfer into actionable outcomes as they thrive with their new projects.

Our session allows your leaders to present ideas on how they have actioned a situation, strengthened a service, and showcase their plans for the future.

We also provide your organisation with feedback on how everyone has done over the sessions.

Let’s get started and transform your leadership team together in 5 motivational and empowering steps

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