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Any parent knows how critical a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is to a school.

Why? Their role forms a vital bridge between the school and the parent. In financial terms they can make what may look like an aspirational purchase for the school, a reality.

They provide a willing parental workforce for the school when spare hands are needed, and raise money through social events, whilst connecting the school community.

PTA’s will often spend a sizable amount of money giving financial assistance to schools in many ways, for example, school trips, and pitching in with school supply needs, for example, musical instruments or IT equipment.

Since Covid has become a reality, much of the fundraising has stopped whilst the financial commitment to the school hasn’t.

At People Need Skills, we are parents too, and we know how hard it is for schools at the moment. Extra safety precautions to keep our children safe are meaning insurmountable extra costs.

We would like to offer your PTA a chance to upskill parents, friends and family, whilst also raising funds for your school. Every online course is a donation to the school PTA. The more people (parents) that you refer to purchase our courses, equals more commission for your PTA.

Moreover, those completing the courses will be rewarded with newly polished skills and an enhanced CV with fully online, certificated courses, fulfilled in the knowledge that when they completed their purchase, they also helped you!

With so many courses available, there’s something for everyone.

If you are a parent, please recommend us to your PTA. Or if you are a PTA, contact us to get in touch for a referral code, promotional materials to help you drive your sales, and more details.

A PTA can make every child’s potential a reality. Let’s work together and make a difference.


The UK is in the Top 10 of the world’s most big-hearted and generous countries, with the average person giving nearly £30,000 to charitable foundations over the course of their lifetime!

Are you needing fresh, new, revenue ideas for your charity or cause? Are your donors stuck for inspiration?

Helping others makes us feel great. It’s scientifically proven to boost our mood as it releases neurochemicals in our brain.

However, wouldn’t it be great to offer something back in return to your donors? Something which is interactive, fun, and can be done by anyone regardless of ability, and enhances their skills and CV.

We can make a difference to your charity’s offering by creating you an online learning arm for your donors to use. With so many online courses, there’s something for everyone. Every online course purchased is a donation to the charity.

Your donors will be rewarded by polishing existing skills or gaining new ones with interactive certificated courses, satisfied in the knowledge that when they completed their purchase through you, they also helped themselves with a new certificated course too!

A simple yet effective way to raise funds.

If you are part of a charity contact us to get in touch for a referral code, promotional materials to help you drive your sales, and more details.

HR and L&D Professionals

Client diversification at your fingertips.

Are you a HR or Learning & Development consultant looking for new ways to add value to your clients whilst creating an additional revenue stream for you?

How often do you get asked for Learning & Development services that you currently can’t offer? Well, the good news is we can provide ways for you to drive adoption of learning content to your clients. Bringing you into the learning and development arena will not only help you add value to the client, and understand them more, but will additionally generate revenue enhancements for your business too.

Our experts will work with you to develop training strategies that best fit your customer’s needs, whether that is writing a custom-built induction, using our trainers for face-to-face or virtual strategic training needs, building a Learner Management System and embedding our ready to go fully online courses, or advising on the latest technological training advancements. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

People Need Skills have a highly motivated team with extensive expertise and skills within HR, Learning & Development, Management, Health and Safety, and Compliance at all levels. Our team has worked with successful brands such as: Puzzel, Charlie Bigham’s, Ferrero (Field Sales Solutions), Microsoft, Morrisons, Thorntons, Unite the Union, HSBC, Veolia, The Prince’s Trust, XPO Logistics, Ofsted, Arla Foods, Siemens, Hertz, London Southend Airport, C2C.

Your engagement with us may be a one-off project or regular contact. Whatever your needs, talk to us and see how we can collaborate.

Outsourcing the services you need, when you need to, and being remunerated for it.

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