Let our specialists fill the gaps for you

Whatever the size of your business, most organisations have varying levels of learning and development needs! 

You don’t have to have a full-time team to have a resourceful training function. In fact, savvy organisations hire us to support their needs on an ad-hoc basis. Outsourcing the services you need, when you need them.

We can help you build & implement a plan

Partnerships are important for us too!

If you have a specific development need come to us. We can promise that if we are not specialists in that area, we have a great network of partners who work with us to serve our clients and collaborate with us on a range of services.

Please view our specialist areas below and explore in more detail what we can offer your business

What is an LMS system? How does it track learning? Is it just for online courses? Is it expensive?
Let us demystify the jargon, work with you to build and manage your employees’ induction journey through this easy-to-use solution.
Create checklists, monitor employees’ progress, and build personal development plans for new inductees.
View our LMS page.

Is your company onboarding experience engaging and giving a great first impression?
Does it state your mission and vision, health and safety, ways of working, and have your new starters excited from day 1? If not, they could be thinking that they have made a mistake!
Let’s inspire them and make their Induction one of excitement rather than one of just compliance, irrespective of whether it’s face-to-face or online.
View our Induction page.

Companies who want their staff to be self-starters need to have an annual development review in place irrespective of the size of their organisation. This will align the personal goals of the employees to the mission, goals, and objectives of the wider business.
Let us work with you to build a process that gives staff a clear focus of how they are performing and how to develop in line with your company strategy.
View our Appraisal processes page.

Good company culture is a critical part of any business. It’s the backbone of a happy workforce. Without it, many employees will struggle to find the real value in their work.
Let’s define what you want your company culture and values to be and work together to bring your project alive to your staff and organisation.
View our Company culture page.

Do you have a product launch, anniversary or project that you need to launch? A team development day can create or reset the tone for future success? Talk to us. Let’s build a day to remember. Outdoor events, virtual events, entertaining, educating, and strengthening relationships on a team development day is a great way to nurture communication, collaborate, and bring your teams together.
View our Team development days page.

As a leader, it is critical to discuss not just the behaviours of your team with them but the underlying reasons behind these behaviours.
Experiential learning is a fun, but insightful, interactive style of learning that coaches through observation and interactions that elicit thought provoking discussion, reflection, and helps individuals and teams come together.
View our Experiential learning page.

Ever considered testing your staff’s knowledge through interactive 3D or virtual reality scenario-based testing?
Enhance your team’s connection and collaboration with mixed reality, induct team members into your business through immersive 360 experiences, or use augmented reality to solve real problems, in real-time, helping your teams reducing risk, errors, and injury.
View our Gamification, virtual reality & 3D training page.

Unlock your staffs true potential. Colour profiling is a path to being more open to feedback, recognising other colour types, adapting ourselves to meet the needs of others, recognising strengths and what we bring to the team.
Discover if your staff are thinkers? Patient? Competitive? Or persuasive?
Affordable and very effective at getting results.
View our Personality colour profiling page.

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