LMS systems

Learners now have an expectation for personalised, flexible, learning experiences

Ask yourself:

  • Can your current classroom training fulfil that expectation?
  • Is your current training delivery struggling under Covid?
  • Do you have multiple trainers across multiple sites with heavy travel costs and salaries?
  • What ways could you use technology to make your training and inductions slicker?
  • How can you cut costs, be leaner and improve learning and compliance?

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Bespoke or off the shelf courses?

All LMS systems need learning content. We can provide either:

  • Ready to go off-the-shelf cost-effective courses. Quick to implement install, certificated with your company brand
  • Bespoke courses tailored to your specific style and needs

Both options come with high-quality video content to ensure learners are always engaged.

Corporate identity

We will:

  • Train your team to roll out the LMS platform
  • Align with your brand guidelines matching logos and colour schemes
  • Give 24/7 support if your admin teams or learners need help whilst learning

The site will look and feel like your brand from the very start!

Check out some happy customers

John Hogan, Tesco

“We are very pleased with the quality of the eLearning course developed by you and have implemented it on our latest developments.”

Paul Reid, Sony

“The most important thing for me as a retailer was to minimise downtime and maximise the level of training I could give to my employees. The online solution provided both.”

Bill Arundel, Tokheim

“The online academy has had a significant impact on training costs across our global network. We now see the tangible benefit delivered by using video to empower the learning process, this has really helped Tokheim improve our wider service offer and in how we present it.”

Brendan Butler, Mercury Engineering

“The training can be conducted anywhere. It improves retention of the material, it presents it in a more descriptive way than is possible from inside the context of a classroom.”

Less admin

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional training. There is a major reduction in administration costs as admins/managers can manage all of their employees’ training digitally. They can run reports to see who has taken a course, what their progress is and check their score results online. Completion records are all digitised.

Keep your learning portable

Staff can take advantage of the fully online courses from the workplace or at home so no travelling is involved. Staff can take the course on a tablet, phone, or laptop. They can pause and resume the course where they last left it, so they can work at their own pace on any device.

Fully online courses mean that hours aren’t wasted getting to and from training centres and staff can concentrate on their work during working hours. This facilitates a reduction in cost as it cuts out both travel and accommodation expenses.

Engaging Company Updates

Get news out to your key stakeholders and team members quickly with our newscast and communications videos. Engage with your staff in a personal and efficient format.

Our team will storyboard, script and produce high-end videos using 3D motion graphics, professional voice overs and advanced capturing techniques.

Are you audit ready?

Any auditor has an expectation of complete transparency of learner’s achievements and records that include:

  • Course activity
  • Grades
  • Certificate
  • Expiry dates
  • Evidence of when and how the training was carried out

Our LMS will keep you compliant in these areas as well as:

  • Instantly giving you reports of those not trained
  • Rapid communication functions built-in that will email reminders to staff
  • Resits available at the touch of a button

Manage induction process end-to-end

Build and manage your employee’s induction journey through this easy-to-use solution. Create checklists, monitor employees progress and build personal development plans for the new inductee.

Key Features include:

  • Manage and create custom induction checklists
  • Calendar induction planning tool
  • Run reports on all employees
  • Export induction process as a PDF
  • User management – Employee, Line Manager, Admin
  • Full integration into LMS
  • Media library for all policies and documents

What can it deliver for your business?

Let’s see how the use of digital could help a business…

Example: A Food Manufacturing plant

  • Section 1: Digitised recruitment paperwork for your new employees
  • Section 2: Prestart onboarding to get new starts familiar with your policies and give a great welcome
  • Section 3: Day 1 induction and compliance training to keep them safe
  • Section 4: Stand-alone courses to allow them to grow

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