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About Our Company.

People Need Skills have a highly motivated team with extensive expertise and skills within HR, Learning & Development, Management, and Compliance at all levels. Our team has worked with successful brands such as: Charlie Bigham’s, Ferrero (Field Sales Solutions), Microsoft, Morrisons, Carphone Warehouse, Nokia, Thorntons, Unite the Union, HSBC, Veolia, The Prince’s Trust, XPO Logistics, Heathrow Airport,  Electrolux, C2C, Bakkavor.

People Need Skills focus on implementing enriched, added-value training solutions centred directly around people-focused results. We work with you, to determine both your personal and your business-specific training goals. This ensures your training is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs.

Why train your staff?

We can give you many reasons why training and development are critical to a successful business. Right now jobs are being replaced or changed in some way, with key staff needing to increase their skills mobility across their workforce.

We have a tailored range of bespoke training solutions written by industry experts that will grow your teams, enrich your sales and coaching techniques, and ultimately strengthen your business. Whether it’s face-to-face, blended learning, virtual, or 100% online we have the course for you.

Our experts will work with you to develop training strategies that best fit your business, whether that is writing a custom-built induction, organising a team day, or launching a product. Whatever your needs we are here to help.

Individual learning

There’s no such thing as cast-iron job security. Be proactive and make your own path to success. Grow your possibilities. 

Individuals looking to grow their skills and CV can complete any fully online course where they see this symbol.

We have online courses across all of our categories with nearly 200 to choose from. Our certificated courses start at just £10, so they fit most budgets. One of the biggest benefits of our online courses is that you do not need any prior knowledge.

Our MAXIMISER courses give you a discounted series of interactive online masterclasses, through activities, self-learning, discussions, and exercises. So, if you’re completely new to the subject matter or looking to gain a deeper understanding of a particular area, MAXIMISERS could be perfect for you.

Our key learning tools

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How much does it cost?

We want to build your trust. No awkward conversations!

We don’t shy away from displaying our prices because we pride ourselves on our value for money. We work in a way that means whatever your needs, learning style, or budget we can provide the expertise to help you.

Face to face and virtual

Price dependent on delivery style (virtual/F2F). For up to 12 people. Our standard prices are:

Half-day – From £299 per group
Full day – From £450 per group


Consultancy prices start at £445 per day.


If you wish to use our services for just a set amount of hours per month we can agree a budget to help your business keep control. From £445 per day.


Our certificated online courses start at just £10 per course!

“Her trainer skills were amazing and our FMCG field team learned so much from her training style and content that she put together for us. Her fresh thinking to training and incorporating this into our Irish model was outstanding. “

- Sean Mullen FSS

Ferrero Contract (FMCG)
“Extremely professional in all aspects. Great in-depth knowledge. I cannot recommend highly enough."

- Mark Seaden

C2C (Logistics)
“Approach to training and development is very creative. The L.E.A.D Management Talent programme package has been really well received and has a waiting list. It covers critical skills gaps staff need to grow and mature into productive, proactive managers for our organisation."

- Denise Szabo

Ferndale Foods (Food Manufacturing)
"After our company Equality & Diversity training I was surprised just how much I was out of touch! This course has allowed both me and my staff to reset and grow together, challenge assumptions and behaviours and set a great example for our organisation. Thank you!!"

- Requested to be anon

“You thrive on developing people. Your passion for helping people in order to better themselves is second to none. Highly recommended without a doubt!“

- Steve Humphrey

Banham Poultry (Food Manufacturing)
“A rare skill of being able to produce and deliver training material that is relevant, interesting and generates excitement.”

- Andrew Wasdell

Electrolux (Retail)
"A rare find indeed. Commercially astute, in-tune with the culture of a business and more importantly knows every nook and cranny of it. Highly personable, I would recommend strongly."

- Jonathan Miller

“A rare combination of both Account Manager and trainer skills who has the knowledge to inspire and empower others to execute to a best in class standard.“

- Sean Algar

Head Of Field (Retail)
"Deep knowledge of her field and a natural ability to share her expertise in a pleasant, comprehensible manner. Excellent communicator who is happy to support even in the most challenging circumstances."

- Pawel Kondracki MIRP CertRP


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