Induction and onboarding

Create a great first impression!

First impressions count!

You’ll want to create a great first impression for your new employee from day 1. Effective onboarding leads to higher productivity and retention.

Conversely, employees who experience poor onboarding are more likely to seek out another job quite quickly. To the business this means both a time and monetary loss, impacting your team’s morale and your bank account.

With the current Covid situation onboarding new staff can be more challenging given that many businesses are hiring new employees remotely, but lack a well-structured online process.

However, be assured, it is possible to deliver proper remote onboarding. We can design one for you that will work either remotely, face to face, or BOTH!

What does that look like?

We can build a program that has videos from key people, live speakers and facilitators, a new-hire company page (that can be embedded if using our LMS system), a scavenger hunt (digital or onsite) to build knowledge of the business, and importantly share your company history and vision so they understand where you have come from and where you are heading.

All built around a program that makes that person excited at what lies ahead in their new role.

When is a good time to start interacting with your new starter?

Let’s start early with positive interactions with your business!

A pre-onboarding induction can consist of a ‘welcome’ video, key points on the new business, compliance, how to book a holiday/sickness leave, and code of conduct. Add to this, a quiz and several activities, as this will allow them to get to learn more about your company’s great culture.

And what a great way to feel prepared for day 1 of a new career.

Great onboarding makes a great welcome!

Some may have memories of walking into day 1 of a new job and feeling totally lost.

Collaboration from the outset will help your organisation promote a sense of team spirit. You can build in virtual coffee ‘hello’s’ for your employees to help them connect with other members of their team. Additionally, a buddy system will definitely have a positive effect on their morale and performance.

We can work with you to build this into your induction.

Individualised onboarding

One hat never fits all!

We work with our clients to create specific pathways so irrespective of the organisation or business category – a supportive, tailored plan can be put in place for all of your new starters.

Compliance is the law!

In many roles, there are specific courses that need to be met in the first few weeks to meet industry regulations.

Just think how DSE, Health & Safety, and manual handling courses will enable your new starters to feel safe in their new environment.

We have ready-to-go online courses we can slot into your induction for you. 

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