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Whether the challenge is introducing a new product to the market or a new member into the sales team we can help. These solutions help clients improve sales via 3D interactions, gamification, and scenario-based learning.

Do you have technical training? Using paper manuals or sending your most knowledgeable team members around the world is costly and inefficient. Why not try using engaging content that the learner can refer to again and again.

For example, augmented reality (AR) can help align training with the goals of the business in many ways. AR helps to solve real problems, in real-time, helping your teams reducing risk, errors, and injury. It reduces the need for repeat customer visits and provides interactive support at a time of need.

Test your staff’s knowledge through interactive 3D environments or real-life scenario testing.

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Award-winning gamification

We have an award-winning interactive gaming department that specialises in creating highly engaging games to help meet learning objectives.

With a team of learning and gamification experts, we can develop games that employees want to play, feel rewarded for doing so and that ultimately help productivity and understanding.

(Image right: example from The Noodle Box)

Looking for a new way to induct? Try a VR 360 Walkthrough

Induct team members into your business through immersive 360 experiences.

We shoot 360 videos and implement web-enabled platforms to utilise VR technology to create engaging experiences with interactive overlays.

(Image left: example from Blu-3 office tour)

Medigage VR Medical Training App

Medigage is a range of medical training programs that use VR and immersive 3D to train and assess student doctors, or anyone who wishes to learn basic life-saving skills. This is ideal for first aid training. 

CPR training features a guided walkthrough, virtual classroom learning, and an interactive assessment putting the user in the role of a lifesaver to test their knowledge.

Mixed reality training

The Microsoft Hololens technology is used to create mixed-reality training scenarios focused on hazard identification, for example, training for spill cleanup.

Enhance your team’s connection and collaboration with mixed reality. This could also be used in many other practical scenarios for example health and safety, gastronomy, engineering, sales, and computing.

Deployment method: Mixed Reality Device

Blended 360 VR and 3D experience

A blended 360 VR and 3D experience uses technology that can aid learning to highlight all the key health and safety elements of a site or area. This technology has been utilised to showcase a proposed Blu-3 safety worksite and support the induction process for first-time workers on site.

Deployment Method: Oculus Go, WebVR


Gamification is an interactive experience that can aid learners by using 3D graphics, and a fully interactive course to guide learners through processes.

This has been used by United Rentals Quickfit for their RPM “QuickFit” system. Through the use of realistic 3D models of an engine, and of the QuickFit components, users could learn the process visually and in real-time – every component is shown and the user must interact with that component correctly in order to finish the assessment.

Deployment Method: Desktop & Mobile LMS

(Image left: example from United Rentals QuickFit)

Orange VR App

Used for the launch of a new pushchair, the OrangeVR app answered iCandy’s question of how to compress 2 years of development and design into an exciting and informative product launch. Through VR, the aim was to immerse the user in the design ethos and unique features of the Orange, giving them a tantalising preview before the full product reveal.

Deployment method: WebVR, Samsung Gear VR

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