People Need Skills offer the following delivery options:

Face to Face Classroom

Onsite training gives your staff an opportunity to work and learn together, collaborating, completing activities and sharing best practice. Group learning develops understanding, creating a higher level of critical thinking and organisational cohesion.

Virtual Classroom

An online tutor led environment that allows everyone to communicate, collaborate and share ideas, using real time chat, digital whiteboards, and interactive learning tools.

Leadership has been described as “the knack of inspiring a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal”.
Used in a corporate setting, this means leading your employees with a strategy to meet the company’s needs and an approach that instigates success.
Our L.E.A.D management Academy is a 5 module program taught in either a face to face or a blended format.
L.E.A.D. will allow your leaders to learn together, grow together, and ultimately LEAD together.
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“65,427 injuries were recorded to employees reported under RIDDOR and 38.8 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury” HSE Health & Safety Stats 2019/20.
How can we help you keep your staff safe, productive & compliant?
Our vast list of health & safety courses across all delivery disciplines is just what you need.
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The key foundations of a great HR function are effective recruitment, empowering training, performance management, well-managed staff disputes, great culture, and worthy talent management programs.
Does your organisation tick all these boxes?
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Who benefits most from management training?
Ultimately Leadership programs benefit the staff as much as the leader. How?
The leader will start to perform with greater effectiveness, clarity, and direction. Those new skills will begin to filter down to those they are leading. Our courses focus on training leaders on how to produce effective and motivated staff.
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“Are top salespeople born or made?” We may never know the true answer to this, however, as with many other professions, we need continuous training to help us perform at our best.
Our sales solutions are built on a foundation that is tried, tested, and works!
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The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, says that Soft Skills are the most sought-after type of skill. He knows what companies are needing – and that’s qualified data as he has more than most at his fingertips!
Enhance these crucial skills and stay ahead of the pack.
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