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Alarm is growing over the loss of fundraising PTA events to plug the gap in schools’ finances due to the pandemic. PTA have lost approx. £42M in 2020 (Guardian Online 2020)   Coronavirus leaves one in 10 UK charities facing bankruptcy this year. Study reveals sector struggling with £10bn funding shortfall as demand for services rises (Guardian online 2020)

One in 10 UK charities are predicted to face bankruptcy by the end of the year as the nation struggles to cope. They predict a £10bn shortfall triggered by rising demand for their services and lost fundraising income due to the pandemic.

With approx. 170,000 charities in the UK this will affect everyone from the large household names to small locally based charities.

Here at People Need skills we want to do our bit. We believe in growth in people, in skills and organisations. We look for innovative ways to work with partners and organisations We are already working with charities and making a difference.


When people see their donation as a minor gift as opposed to a major sacrifice it makes the conversion greater.

If we could link it to a way that reminds them that both parties could greatly benefit at no extra cost to them, they will even more encouraged to buy.

So, how about if we can offer them a reason to buy? That raises funds to you every time they upskill themselves with us through a commission structure?


Let’s make a difference to your charity funds by creating you an online learning arm.

Your donors will be rewarded with polishing or gaining new skills with interactive certificated courses, satisfied in the knowledge that when they completed their purchase, they also helped themselves with a new certificated course, can help with homework and helped you too!

A simple yet effective way to raise funds. Contact us for more details.

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