Competency based interviewing skills

The cost financially to your business and your brand when you hire the wrong person is huge. Additionally, an unfortunate candidate experience can leave a bad taste in the prospect’s mouth too.

Your leaders play a key role in the way you present your organisation to others when interviewing and making hiring decisions. Prospective talent could be put off by unprofessional or poor interview techniques. Bad experiences come from both sides of the table!

Our training course is developed specifically to provide your leaders with the skills and behaviours to be at their best.  Our workshops are highly interactive; we build the skills and competence of individuals through role-play, observation, and reflection. They are developed with the aim of building confidence and professionalism in interviews.

This course is based on the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to competency-based interviewing and learners are given the opportunity to apply their skills in simulated situations as part of the course.

This course is suitable for:

  • People who are tasked with recruitment and hiring in their organisations
  • All line managers
  • Managers looking to develop or polish their interviewing skills
  • Managers who want to get the right person the first time
  • HR staff

Course content includes:

  • The recruitment process
  • What are competency-based questions?
  • Understanding the STAR approach
  • The difference between a newly created position and a replacement
  • Screening and shortlisting applicants
  • Using job descriptions and person specifications to design competency-based interview questions
  • Conducting the interview
  • Staying within the law and The Equality Act (2010)
  • Protected characteristics
  • What are we looking for in a person?
  • Matching questions with vacancies
  • Competency models
  • Drawing out past behaviours and performance

On completion delegates will understand:

  • The competency-based interview model
  • The advantages of questioning and probing competencies
  • How information can be drawn out then appraised whilst in an interview
  • How evidence can be rated according to the behavioural competencies being assessed at different levels of the organisation
  • Different styles and approaches to interviews
  • Body language skills
  • How to create a protected environment
  • How to enhance your interview skills
  • The STAR matrix
  • The benefits of competency-based questions in interviews
  • Hints and tips from your colleagues
  • How to structure an interview for best results
  • How to create a good company impression
  • How to recognize success

What's included in the course:

All courses include:

  • Collaborative learning tools to supercharge your understanding
  • Industry experts have been involved in developing the learning programmes to support you throughout the course and give you the best possible experience
  • Where there is a multiple-choice assessment to complete the course and a minimum pass requirement free resits will be available
  • We provide a certificate on successful completion to help grow your CV or aid with organisational compliance

Face-to-face and Virtual classroom:

  • Peer learning, allowing the group to explore a subject as they work together with fellow team members
  • Our workshops are highly interactive, and we select a range of activities for each session to build understanding e.g. role-play, observation, and reflection
  • Realtime feedback allowing you to transform your performance, your approach, and grow in confidence
  • Handouts and slides to allow you to reflect on your experience

2 Delivery options:

Virtual Classroom

x2 180 minute sessions

Face to Face Classroom

On client premises 1 day

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