Customer service

“Care, creative thinking, and new tools can address customers’ acute needs today and forge stronger ties in a post-COVID-19 era” McKinsey & Co. April 2020

Does your organisation keep a real-time pulse on your shifting customer preferences?

Understanding your organisation’s current business strategy in relation to your existing and future customers is a critical driver to business success. Customers have different needs and require different approaches from you to achieve consistent customer success.

Our series of 8 online customer service courses will give you valuable insights into customer loyalty, tips to help you recognise and strengthen your company satisfaction levels, and retain your customers, enabling you to work with the winning techniques needed to be an effective part of a successful company.

Our courses are fantastic value, well-paced, certificated/accredited courses to make learners consistently operate at their peak. On successful completion, certificates are available for you to print immediately.

These courses are available in single courses or as a master class on our MAXIMISERS page.

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Understanding your organisation

1 - Understanding Your Organisation

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Communication adn Interpersonal skills

2 - Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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Roles and responsibilities

3 - Roles and Responsibilities

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Product and service knowlegde

4 - Product and Service Knowledge

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Self development

5 - Self-Development

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Systems and Resources

6 - Systems and Resources

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Customer Conflict

7 - Dealing With Customer Conflicts and Influencing People

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8 - Teamwork and Knowledge Sharing

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