Delegation skills that deliver results

How do you value time as a resource for yourself whilst using it to grow your team and your business?

Effective delegation is a must-have management tool when motivating and growing teams.

Additionally, delegating tasks to others has the power to motivate and enthuse your teams as they see the trust you have in them – positively impacting the organisation, whilst freeing up your time so you can strategically focus on moving towards your most significant organisational goals.

This course reviews the key principles of delegation and the areas that you need to consider before, during, and after a task has been delegated to others.

This course is suitable for:

  • Leaders who have big teams and want to enhance their productivity
  • People who have large workloads and maybe limited staff
  • Leaders who want to focus on key objectives through delegation
  • Anyone who aspires to become a manager or leader
  • Individuals who want to boost their CV (online option)

Course content includes:

  • The cost of failing to manage time
  • The upside of effective delegation
  • Time thieves and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with interruptions effectively
  • The benefits and key principles of effective delegation
  • Using the 6 levels of delegation
  • Delegation to: your staff/ boss/ peers/ other teams/ external partners
  • Monitoring progress
  • What does success look like?
  • Reviewing progress and giving feedback on delegated tasks
  • Action planning

On completion delegates will understand:

  • What stops them professionally from delegating
  • The benefits of effective delegation
  • How to review progress and give feedback on delegated tasks
  • Identified tasks that may be delegated
  • The best person for the task process
  • Ways to keep tasks on track and staff motivated to succeed
  • Different practices and methods to drive delegation

What's included in the course:

All courses include:

  • Collaborative learning tools to supercharge your understanding
  • Industry experts have been involved in developing the learning programmes to support you throughout the course and give you the best possible experience
  • We provide a certificate on successful completion to help grow your CV or aid with organisational compliance

Face-to-face and Virtual classroom:

  • Peer learning, allowing the group to explore a subject as they work together with fellow team members
  • Our workshops are highly interactive, and we select a range of activities for each session to build understanding e.g. role-play, observation, and reflection
  • Realtime feedback allowing you to transform your performance, your approach, and grow in confidence
  • Handouts and slides to allow you to reflect on your experience

Fully online format

  • Courses are action-packed to keep you constantly engaged throughout
  • Fully enabled for independent flexible learning
  • Ensures compliance with the specific training area being taken
  • Fully online course and has no time restrictions
  • Full audio voiceover

4 course format options:

Virtual Classroom

x2 90 minute sessions
£600 inc per group for up to 12 learners

Face to Face Classroom

On client premises 1/2 day
£695 per group for up to 12 learners

Online Only

Up to 1 hour
£20 per learner
(The online option may vary slightly to the content listed on this page. Click below for more info)

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