What are online MAXIMISERS?

Our online MAXIMISERS are a selection of innovative, subject-specific, multiple module, interactive online courses.

So, if you’re completely new to the subject matter or looking to gain a deeper understanding of a particular area, MAXIMISERS are the perfect solution for you.

MAXIMISERS offer hours of learning, discussions led by industry experts, with the aim to bring you over a knowledge and confidence threshold through intensive knowledge building.

Working with leading experts in the specific fields, we have ensured our MAXIMISERS are designed and developed to teach you all you need to know in your chosen subject over a series of tutorial masterclasses.

Maximise your knowledge! Maximise your potential! Maximise your skills! 

Are online MAXIMISERS the route right for me?

There are no entry requirements to sign up for our MAXIMISERS. All you’ll need is a passion for the subject you have chosen and wi-fi access and a device to gain access to the courses.

The modules are self-paced so you can manage your learning in your own time and around family or work. They can last anywhere between a few hours, days, or weeks, depending on the speed at which you work through the modules.

All courses are fantastic value, well-paced, certificated courses to make learners operate at their best. On completion, certificates are available to print immediately.

Business admin practitioner

7 Masterclasses
Duration: approx 3.5 hrs
MAXIMISER bundle price: £140 £112

Learning outcomes include:

  • Producing accurate records, documents, and proposals
  • Recommending improvements and presenting solutions to management
  • Different aspects of decision-making and problem-solving
  • Techniques and methods that help you in effective decision-making and problem-solving
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships through role modeling, influence, and challenge
  • Risk management and project delivery
  • Project lifecycles, different project management tools, and techniques
  • Market forces, policy, regulatory changes, supply chain, and the wider business impact


1 – Report creation and making recommendations
2 – Decision making and problem solving
3 – Building and maintaining positive relationships
4 – Supporting your team
5 – Project life-cycle and management
6 – Understanding organisational purpose
7 – Understanding the applicability of business principles

Customer service practitioner

8 Masterclasses
Duration: approx 4 hrs
MAXIMISER bundle price: £160 £128

Learning outcomes include:

  • The importance of a brand promise
  • Customer relationship management and what are customer priorities
  • Insights into product and service knowledge: customer-focused experience, understanding your customers, building trust
  • Monitoring customer service levels
  • Dealing with difficult customers: body language, blame game, influencing skills, being likeable
  • Teamwork: dysfunctional teams, personalities, success


1 – Understanding your organisation
2 – Communication and interpersonal skills
3 – Roles and responsibilities
4 – Product and service knowledge
5 – Self-development
6 – Systems and resources
7 – Dealing with customer conflicts and influencing people
8 – Teamwork and knowledge sharing

Mental health - Being there

9 Masterclasses
Duration: approx 7 hrs
MAXIMISER bundle price: £180 £144

Learning outcomes include:

  • The art of effective care and understanding the needs of others
  • The 11 core qualities of a skilled listener
  • Positive traits of a skilled listener
  • The difference between caring and helping
  • Understanding the connection between thoughts and feelings
  • Empathising with the care recipient – not ‘fixing’
  • Spontaneity and genuineness
  • Creating a non-threatening, safe, and non-possessive environment
  • Cultural awareness and the impact of cultural prejudice
  • Self-esteem in a care experience
  • Identifying burn out
  • Implementing your own self-care


1 – Art of listening
2 – Core qualities of a skilled listener
3 – Listening
4 – The five pillars of a caregiving experience
5 – Culture’s role in skilled listening
6 – Self-esteem
7 – Loss
8 – Crisis intervention
9 – Self care

Operations departmental manager

11 Masterclasses
Duration: approx 5 hrs
MAXIMISER bundle price: £220 £176

Learning outcomes include:

  • Learn problem-solving and decision-making techniques
  • Analysing data to support decision-making
  • Understanding different leadership styles
  • Qualities to become a better leader
  • Organisational cultures
  • The importance of equality and diversity
  • Delivering value for money: financial forecasting, budget handling, understanding P&L, financial legislation, and governance
  • Motivating staff: team role theories, managing, and supporting teams
  • Absence management: disciplinary and grievance procedures


1 – The induction
2 – Self-awareness
3 – Self-management
4 – Communication
5 – Building relationships
6 – Decision making
7 – Leading people
8 – Managing people
9 – Operational management
10 – Project management
11 – Finance

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