permit to work

Permit to work

A permit to work (PTW) is a works system required by law to control some high-risk aspects of company maintenance. Therefore, if you work in a business that often carries high-risk work, it’s critical that you understand what a permit to work covers. PTW systems play a vital role in ensuring the safe execution of hazardous work activities at operational facilities, thus cutting risk and accidents occurring.

This course will explain what a permit should contain, who and what needs them, and key responsibilities and duties of those involved, which in turn keeps frontline workers both safe and efficient.

This course is suitable for:

  • Anyone creating and issuing permits
  • Those who supervise or carry out the work covered by a permit start to finish
  • Hot workers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Those who work at height
  • Engineering staff
  • Those who carry out high risk work
  • Confined space employees
  • Facilities staff
  • Asbestos workers
  • Maintenance workers

Course content includes:

  • What is a permit to work and when do you need to have one?
  • What does it look like? And how long does it last for?
  • Legal obligations – HSE – the facts
  • Types of permit – cold and hot
  • Safety precautions
  • Functions of the permit
  • Understanding a permit flow
  • The rules!
  • Authorisers and validators
  • Signage
  • Things to consider – weather, shift change, fatigue, new staff, change of project direction
  • When to start- pause- stop- restart
  • Job safety analysis and risk assessment
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Isolation and control
  • Previous disasters study
  • The Cullen inquiry
  • Developing participation with others
  • Steps to success
  • Reporting process for issues
  • Bad Regulation + governance + poor human factors = bad outcomes!
  • Your ‘Personal action plan’

On completion delegates will understand:

  • How to recognise what processes are needed to achieve success
  • Who needs to be part of your permit to work process
  • The Cullen enquiry and how it changed the face of health and safety
  • What good looks like
  • How to report issues internally
  • How to collate vital report content for your permit

What's included in the course:

All courses include:

  • Collaborative learning tools to supercharge your understanding
  • Industry experts have been involved in developing the learning programmes to support you throughout the course and give you the best possible experience
  • Where there is a multiple-choice assessment to complete the course and a minimum pass requirement free resits will be available
  • We provide a certificate on successful completion to help grow your CV or aid with organisational compliance

Face-to-face and Virtual classroom:

  • Peer learning, allowing the group to explore a subject as they work together with fellow team members
  • Our workshops are highly interactive, and we select a range of activities for each session to build understanding e.g. role-play, observation, and reflection
  • Realtime feedback allowing you to transform your performance, your approach, and grow in confidence
  • Handouts and slides to allow you to reflect on your experience

2 course format options:

Virtual Classroom

x2 90 minute sessions
£600 inc per group for up to 12 learners

Face to Face Classroom

On client premises half day
£695 per group for up to 12 learners

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