Presentation skills

There are many times as a leader when you will need to stand up, hold the room and deliver a robust presentation whether it’s to deliver a new project, a business update, bad news, or simply give feedback. Either way, you want to be at your best when in the company of your internal stakeholders.

A professional, well prepared and delivered presentation can boost not only your own personal image but your organisations too if delivered well.

Presenting to others can be in a meeting or over a virtual platform to 1 or many people.

This course enables delegates to plan, prepare and deliver motivating and persuasive presentations, 1-2-1’s, and meetings to a wide range of audiences.

This course is suitable for:

  • Anyone who gives presentations
  • Leaders
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Employees in technical positions
  • Salespeople

Course content includes:

  • How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
  • Powerful starts, memorable finishes
  • Storytelling when structuring your presentation
  • Dealing with difficult or tricky questions
  • Working presentations around a table or a room
  • The relationship between host, material, and audience
  • Emerging as a communicator rather than a presenter
  • Developing your unique style
  • Going “off script”
  • Energising your delivery
  • Creating an interactive, question-friendly atmosphere
  • Handling awkward questions
  • Confidence issues and handling nerves

On completion delegates will understand:

  • How to create a presentation that will capture and hold an audience’s attention
  • The urge not to include the kitchen sink – less is more!
  • Methods to develop a confident approach
  • Body language techniques to reflect the tone of your message
  • The pause and vocal skills to project your voice

What's included in the course:

All courses include:

  • Collaborative learning tools to supercharge your understanding
  • Industry experts have been involved in developing the learning programmes to support you throughout the course and give you the best possible experience
  • Where there is a multiple-choice assessment to complete the course and a minimum pass requirement free resits will be available
  • We provide a certificate on successful completion to help grow your CV or aid with organisational compliance

Face-to-face and Virtual classroom:

  • Peer learning, allowing the group to explore a subject as they work together with fellow team members
  • Our workshops are highly interactive, and we select a range of activities for each session to build understanding e.g. role-play, observation, and reflection
  • Realtime feedback allowing you to transform your performance, your approach, and grow in confidence
  • Handouts and slides to allow you to reflect on your experience

Delivery option

Face to Face Classroom

On client premises 1 day plus free 1hr virtual follow-up.

01702 668044 / 07962 395255