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Telephone sales skills

As salespeople – is it our purpose (and duty) to exploit or missell to people – or is it to help people?

The days thankfully of looking for the quick wins are gone, and now most reputable organisations want to grow their client base and this comes through relationship selling, sharing thoughts, and being ethical. In short – we should be selling how we wish to be sold to!

AIDA was invented in the US when sales training began. The key to it remaining a successful method is due to the crucial engagement with the customer, understanding their needs through questioning, and creating desire by matching their needs with your products. This model is used worldwide by both sales and marketing departments whether it be consciously or subconsciously and it is the model of choice for us to share with our customers at People Need Skills. Why? Because it works!

This course will deliver an insight into each of the four elements that comprise the AIDA name to maximise the success of your sales and/or marketing efforts with role plays and interaction throughout the day. This course is taught through our expert knowledge of working with some of the UK’s most successful organisations. By the end of the course, you will be armed with a toolkit to use time and time again.

The content used in sessions can be tailored to the specific priorities of your business.

This course is suitable for:

  • Telephone sales staff
  • Staff in the customer service industry who help drive promotions
  • Call centre staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Team leaders who are part of sales or marketing teams
  • Staff who work in the service industry

Course content includes:

  • A is for Attention
  • I is for Interest
  • D is for Desire
  • A is for Action
  • How would you like to be sold to?
  • Identifying needs and opportunities
  • Why people buy over the telephone
  • Selling or telling a story?
  • Being a good listener
  • Open-ended questions
  • Selling with visual aids
  • Overcoming objections
  • Why should they buy your product?
  • The importance of preparation
  • The follow-up
  • Having a great telephone voice
  • Building relationships
  • Upselling the products to the customer
  • Providing quality customer service

On completion delegates will understand:

  • The acronym A.I.D.A. and how to use it to maximise your organisation’s sales and marketing needs
  • Why the sale doesn’t end at no!
  • The process of landing a successful sale
  • Selling through honest facts
  • The art of listening and how it is key to successful selling
  • Building relationship
  • Different practices, procedures, and methods to win every time

What's included in the course:

All courses include: 

  • Collaborative learning tools to supercharge your understanding
  • Industry experts have been involved in developing the learning programmes to support you throughout the course and give you the best possible experience
  • We provide a certificate on successful completion to help grow your CV or aid with organisational compliance

Face-to-face and Virtual classroom:

  • Peer learning, allowing the group to explore a subject as they work together with fellow team members
  • Our workshops are highly interactive, and we select a range of activities for each session to build understanding e.g. role-play, observation, and reflection
  • Realtime feedback allowing you to transform your performance, your approach, and grow in confidence
  • Handouts and slides to allow you to reflect on your experience

1 Delivery option

Face to Face Classroom

On client premises 1 day
£975 per group for up to 12 learners

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